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As sports fans, Rivalry is in our blood.

It's about hating to lose, almost more than wanting to win.

It's about never giving up hope and always staying until the bitter end.

And it's about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Something tangible, yet fleeting.

Rivalry is the essence of competition and competition is the essence of sports.

Rivalry Wear. Original Designs with a Competitive Edge.

Here's How Deals Work...

5 Steps That Make The Deal

  • The Deal Goes Live

    Each shirt will be featured for seven days.

  • Make a Bid

    Commit to buy the shirt and then the fun begins.

  • Share the Deal

    For every ten people who buy, the price drops $1 for everyone. The more you share the more you save.

  • Support your City

    Your city earns points for each purchase. Rep your colors, defeat your rivals.

  • Get Your Shirt

    The deal ends and you pay the ending price, not what you paid initially.

Deals Are Time Sensitive

  • 7d 21h 20s left to buy

    Deal Just Started

  • 03d 11h 20s left to buy

    Expires in Less Than 4 Days

  • 01d 21h 20s left to buy

    Expires in Less Than 2 Days

  • Deal Expired

    Deal Has Expired

Shirts Sell & Prices Drop

  • $30 $15

    Deal Begins at Base Price

  • $30

    Shirts Sell & Prices Drop

  • $30

    Deal Ends & Everyone Wins

  • $30 $15

    Lowest Price of Deal