Rivalry Wear

Rivalry Wear

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Rivalry Wear

Do you have a great idea for a new shirt?
Awesome, we can't wait to see it!

Want to see your concept or design featured in the next vote? Support your city and send us your idea today! If your concept is selected, not only will it be featured on Rivalry Wear that week, but you'll also receive a free shirt for you and a friend.

We accept submissions for artwork by using our upload form below and look forward to your submissions. In order for us to consider your design, please keep in mind the following criteria:

1. All artwork must be screen-ready, which means hi-res, color separated vector files are preferred. Hi-Res means minimum 300 dpi and Illustrator is our preferred format.

Have an idea but not the art? Let us handle it! Send us your idea and we'll contact you with our design plans to bring it to life

2. Please refrain from using any profressional team name, team logos or team-style fonts. If the artwork contains any of the above, we won't consider the submission.

3. Content must not be vulgar or offensive.

If we are diggin' your submission, you'll hear from us via email so be sure to fill out the entirety of the information form below:


Here's How Deals Work...

  • The Deal Goes Live

    Each shirt will be featured for seven days.

  • Make a Bid

    Commit to buy the shirt and then the fun begins.

  • Share the Deal

    For every ten people who buy, the price drops $1 for everyone. The more you share the more you save.

  • Support your City

    Your city earns points for each purchase. Rep your colors, defeat your rivals.

  • Get Your Shirt

    The deal ends and you pay the ending price, not what you paid initially.